Fashion Styling

Fashion Stylist should be one of your priority on your big day, or any special occasion, as you don’t want to run any risk of disappointment to your proposed look. At bkglam, We style and design our client outfit mostly, based on their look to fit their body structure or client’s special request. We have different packages to suit our clients budget and we also work with our clients budget to suit their demand, we are very affordable and flexible.

We sketch, we design and we create glamorous ready made and custom made occasion dresses, and classic outfits. We are known for luxury, classic and glamorous, our clients stands out from the crowd when representing our unique designs.

You could request for our high demand package, which include hairstyling, makeup and accessories or just a standard request, it all depend on your preference, we are always at your service.

leslyicdigitalFashion Styling